Finding Mothers

So I found an article listing 14 female artists, looked up each one on Wikipedia, and read specifically for mentions of their mothers. Not an in-depth research project, but just a quick look.

Here’s what I found: 

For the 14 artists, only 5 mothers are mentioned by name, while 11 of the fathers are named. Mothers are mentioned for the more modern/recent artists, and are more likely to be named if the mothers came from wealthy, high-class families.

Many of the earlier artists were trained by their artist fathers. Sometimes these women stopped making work after they married. 

Of the 5 mothers mentioned, one was a milliner (hat designer) and one was a dress designer. So maybe some creative guidance came from these moms? 

I was especially fascinated by Suzanne Valadon. Her mother was a poor laundress and a single mom who cared for her grandchild when Susan needed to work (as an art model). This would have been such valuable support for Susan to be able to make art, I’m sure. 

My own mother is artistic. She took a painting class in Montreal — I own one of her magical still lifes from this time. I paint my own versions this piece from time to time, painting my mom into my own female “Master Artist Canon.” 

Mum 4 Remix: Floating Lemon. Oil, pom pom, and rhinestone on decorative frame. 8 x 6 inches

Wishing everyone a good Mother’s Day weekend!